Sports Medical Examinations

Centramed Zug

  1. Cardio check-up (lab, ECG, physical): Our cardio check-up is aimed at checking your heart’s health and fitness for sports. It is recommended to every athlete and sports enthusiast doing sports on a regular basis and highly recommended to everybody taking part in competitions. It also serves as a certificate, which might be requested by organizers of competitions.
  2. Lactate threshold test on bicycle ergometer (including stress ECG) with training consultation: This performance test determines your aerobic and anaerobic threshold range and is suitable for endurance athletes who wish to improve their training or check the effects of their training. It is the standard test for optimum training planning (also for “late entrants” - it is almost never too late!).
  3. Sports-medical examination (lab, ECG, physical): This examination corresponds to the recommendations of Swiss Olympic. It is for professional athletes who have to undergo regular medical check-ups as per their association’s requirement. However, this test just covers the basic requirements.
  4. Sport check-up (this is the basic check-up, including lactate threshold test, see the brochure): The sport-medical check-up is a comprehensive examination specially designed for sports enthusiasts. Apart from the routine examinations recommended by Swiss Olympic, it also includes detailed checks including extended physical examinations, lung function test, body fat measurement and lactate threshold test, which all together form the basis for customized training consultation.

Centramed Zürich City

  1. General examinations, consultations and support of athletes and sports enthusiasts, particularly with regard to endurance sports.
  2. Performance diagnostics (Conconi Test, ergometry, lactate measurements)
  3. Nutrition counselling
  4. Training consultation
  5. Competition preparation
  6. Body fat measurements
  7. Indication-based transfers to specialists