Insurance Partners

Open to All Patients

Centramed practices and Praxis Marktgasse are open to all patients.
No matter how and by who you are insured, you benefit from a modern range of services in a well-equipped practice.

Discounts for HMO-Insured Patients

Patients insured under the HMO or family doctor model additionally benefit from generous discounts. However, in the event of a health problem, they undertake to always consult their predefined Centramed practice first.
Please note that HMO-insured patients from the Altdorf area can only receive care at Centramed Altdorf. Praxis Marktgasse does not accept HMO patients.
Whenever required, your Centramed physician will refer you to a specialist or hospital.
We have compiled a list of our insurance partners who offer reduced insurance premiums if the Centramed Partner HMO model is selected. Inform your insurance advisor of the model to obtain the best possible offer.

Would you like a comparison of several health insurers?

The following websites provide comparisons of insurance premiums

The following insurers cooperate with Centramed practices

Ask your insurer if you can change to a group practice or a Centramed health centre.