Health Check-up

Centramed Zug

Would you like to know if you are in good health? Our practices offer health check-ups for all patients. We offer two types of check-ups: Basic check-up are more designed to younger patients, and advanced check-ups to adults and elderly patients (for details please see the brochure).
As part of our health check-ups, we will have an initial chat about your health, you will then undergo a thorough clinical examination, and your vaccination status will be checked.
Depending on the type of health check-up, a heart stress test (ergometry) will be per-formed in addition to the lung function test and the electrocardiogram (ECG). We will also take your blood.
For men over 40, a prostate examination may be included as well. We will be happy to make a gastroenterologist appointment for you to perform a colonoscopy.
The results of the test will be discussed with you, and you will receive a folder containing our evaluations.
For more information, please consult the brochure.
These health check-ups requested by you are not covered by your compulsory health insurance. However, additional insurance packages often cover part of these costs.

Centramed Zug health check-up brochure
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