Geriatrics is the medical special area dealing with physical, psychological, functional and social aspects in providing medical care for elderly persons. This includes treatment of acute and chronic diseases in elderly patients. However, it also considers preventive care, early rehabilitation issues, dementia-related clarification, and special, particularly palliative, end of-life care.
Elderly patients often suffer from multiple active diseases. They therefore require comprehensive care, and often they need social support as well. The main objective of geriatric specialists is optimizing the elderly patient’s functional status and improving the patient’s quality of life and autonomy.
Although geriatric medicine is not specifically age-defined, it does focus on diseases typically found in elderly patients. Most patients are over 65 years old. Patients that benefit the most from geriatrics are generally aged 80 and above.

Treatment Spectrum

  1. Holistic care and treatment of acute and chronic diseases in elderly persons
  2. Geriatric assessment
  3. Fall prevention
  4. Medical examination of seniors over 70 for their ability to driving
  5. Dementia diagnostics
  6. Consultation and care of people with dementia
  7. Consultation of family members of people with dementia
  8. Palliative care