Centramed Liestal

Together for Health

The practice Centramed Liestal is located in the centre of Liestal and offers comprehensive general practice, internal medicine and gynaecology as well as orthopaedic consultations. The group practice was formed by combining the practices Dr. W. Strazynski, Dr. D. Schenk (Itingen) and medical centre Büren. Its top priority is to ensure that patients receive optimal medical care and to look after them with respect to any health concerns they may have.

Thanks to many years of experience and modern diagnostic modalities (pathology, ECG, lung function, digital X-ray, US and others) in our practice Centramed Liestal, we offer you a suitable foundation for optimal care and provision with respect to your health concerns. Our offering also includes vaccinations and travel advice, medical check-ups, and driving suitability examinations for the road traffic authority. Children are also welcome.

Since August, we also offer gynaecological care. Our specialists provide antenatal care during and before normal or high-risk pregnancies, provide cancer screening examinations, provide advice about family planning and contraceptive methods and can point out individual treatment options during menopause.

The practice works in close cooperation with the Saner-Apotheke on the ground floor. This means that, if they wish, patients can collect their medications directly from the pharmacist after their doctor’s appointment. In addition to conventional medication, Saner-Apotheke also offers a large selection of natural remedies.

The practice Centramed Liestal looks after HMO-patients and also accepts other patients.

You and your health will profit from our collective knowledge and our many years of experience.

Contact us

Centramed Liestal
Rathausstrasse 63 (1.OG)
4410 Liestal

Ph. +41 (0)61 927 90 80

Fax +41 (0)61 927 90 85


Monday to Wednesday:
08:00 - 12:00, 13:30 - 18:00

Appointments scheduled by phone.
For privacy reasons, we do not provide any medical information by e-mail.

Our physicians and therapists in Liestal

Dr. med. Andreas Lindel
Dr. med.
Andreas Lindel
Praktischer Arzt FMH
Facharzt Chirurgie FMH
Dr. med. Felicitas Röver
Dr. med.
Felicitas Röver
Fachärztin Allgemeinmedizin (D)
Praktische Ärztin FMH

Dr. med.
Marian Scheffczyk
Facharzt Allgemeinmedizin (D)
Praktischer Arzt
Dr. med. Roger Voegelin
Dr. med.
Roger Voegelin
Facharzt Allgemeine Innere Medizin FMH
Prof. Dr. med. Michael Hirschmann
Prof. Dr. med.
Michael Hirschmann
Orthopädische Chirurgie und Traumatologie des Bewegungsapparates FMH
Dr. med. Julia Löytved-Hardegg
Dr. med.
Julia Löytved-Hardegg
Fachärztin Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe FMH
Dr. med. Svetozar Subotic
Dr. med.
Svetozar Subotic
Facharzt Urologie FMH, FEBU
Dipl. Ärztin Katrin Wagner
Dipl. Ärztin
Katrin Wagner
Fachärztin Gynäkologie und Geburtshilfe

Our medical practice assistants in Liestal

 Claudia Thalhammer
Claudia Thalhammer
Leitende Med. Praxisassistentin
 Fabienne Kaufmann
Fabienne Kaufmann
Med. Praxisassistentin
 Bukurije Tahiri
Bukurije Tahiri
Med. Praxisassistentin
 Teresa Vogt
Teresa Vogt
Med. Praxisassistentin
 Sabrina Forgione
Sabrina Forgione
Med. Praxisassistentin in Ausbildung

Our gynaecologists Dr Wagner and Dr Löytved are happy to take new patients.