Centramed Partner Network

Open to All Patients

Our Centramed partner practices are open to all patients as well.
No matter how and by who you are insured, you benefit from a modern range of services in a well-equipped practice.

Discounts for HMO-Insured Patients

In collaboration with major health insurers, Centramed partners offer a family doctor model. Patients insured under the HMO or family doctor model therefore benefit from generous discounts.
They agree to always consult their selected Centramed partner practices (Salvé Praxis Arlesheim-Dornach, Bottmingen and Muttenz, Health & Motion AG Liestal, Ärztezentrum Reichenburg, Rosenpraxis Pfäffikon SZ, Ärztezentrum Stäfä) first.
Whenever required, your Centramed partner physician will refer you to a specialist or hospital.

Would you like a comparison of several health insurers?

The following websites provide comparisons of insurance premiums

Salvé Praxis Arlesheim-Dornach

Bahnhofstrasse 10
4144 Arlesheim
Tel. 061 705 11 11

  1. Dr. med. Filippo Impala
  2. Dr. med. Roger Muchenberger
  3. Dr. med. Sotirios Panoussis

Salvé Praxis Bottmingen

Bruderholzstrasse 16
4103 Bottmingen
Tel. 061 425 65 00

  1. Dr. med. Kerstin Sylle
  2. Dr. med. Samuel Wyss

Salvé Praxis Muttenz

Hauptstrasse 65
4132 Muttenz
Tel. 061 466 70 80

  1. Dr. med. Tobias Losch
  2. Dr. med. Gabrielle Marmier
  3. Dr. med. Roger Muchenberger
  4. Dr. med. Sotirios Panoussis
  5. Dr. med. Samuel Wyss

Ärztezentrum Reichenburg

Kantonsstrasse 60
8864 Reichenburg
Tel. 055 464 30 20

  1. Dr. med. Bettina Hederer
  2. Dr. med. Fritz Horber

Health & Motion AG

Oristalstrasse 25
4410 Liestal
Tel. 061 921 00 77

  1. Dr. med. Rosetta Meier


Rosenhof 1
8808 Pfäffikon
Tel. 055 410 60 50

  1. Dr. med. Ruth Mathes

Ärztezentrum Stäfä

Häldelistrasse 9
8712 Stäfä
Tel. 044 927 11 11

  1. Dr. med. Katrin Monika Heilmann
  2. Dr. med. Sabine Heyder
  3. Dr. med. Peter Kurz

Please consult the cantonal list of your health centre for an overview of available health partners and insurance models by clicking on the respective title: