We as an Employer

Meconex operates the Centramed health centres with around 120 employees. Our health centres are modernly equipped group practices. Our patients’ and employees’ satisfaction is particularly important to us. Therefore, we offer our employees flexible options in a modern work environment and promote their individual competences according to their needs. We offer diversified and exciting activities, progressive employment terms and pleasant and uncomplicated collaboration in interdisciplinary teams.
We are always open to dedicated and qualified experts and look forward to receiving your e-mail at personal@meconex.ch


What we offer

  1. Family-friendly, flexible working hours (annual working time)
  2. Part-time and full-time (42-hr. week / 45-hr. week for physicians)
  3. Financial and time support for professional development
  4. An MPA team taking over all administrative work
  5. Modern infrastructure (electronic medical history, digital x-rays, sonography, ECG with electronic transmission)
  6. At least 25 leave days
  7. 13th month’s salary
  8. Generous social benefits (above-average employer contributions into retirement fund, Reka checks, membership in specialist associations)
  9. Advantages of employment as a physician (substitution arrangement, no financial risk)
  10. Informal work environment
  11. Quality circles

Your benefits as a self-employed family doctor

Centramed consists of individual health centres and partner practices. As a partner, you work independently in a group practice that meets the Centramed standards. You enjoy the advantages entrepreneurship and at the same time benefit from being part of our network of attractive services and new patients.

All Centramed health centres and partner practices meet the same requirements:
  1. At least 2 physicians whose activity as general practitioners makes up a minimum of 150% of their total work together
  2. Attractive hours
  3. Internal meetings on cases and referrals are held at least once a week
  4. All Centramed physicians participate in quality circles, incl. CIRS (critical incident reporting system)
  5. Managed care instruments, such as case and disease management programs are used in the practice
  6. The practice has budget co-responsibility
  7. The practice maintains medical histories electronically
  8. The practice is certified
  9. Apart from general medicine, the practice covers at least three specializations from gynaecology, physiotherapy, complementary medicine, paediatrics, nutrition, and exercise
Have we aroused your interest? Would you like to know more about us? In a non-binding discussion, we would like to show you:
  1. How you can reduce the complexity of your practice routine
  2. How you can benefit from the primary care of the future
  3. The benefits of Centramed in general and to you

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Phone: +41 (0)58 320 4747