CENTRAMED – Practical medical Training with a Concept

All locations of the Centramed Group have been training practices from the beginning. During your medical residency, you can benefit from the personal support provided by our authorized training physicians and gain ample medical insight. In addition, you will be integrated in a helpful team of physicians complementing your residency experience.

Our state-of-the-art practices are equipped with useful diagnostic tools, such as stress ECG, presence labs, digital and modern x-ray machines as well as ultrasound systems. In modern patient care, these helpful methods are not only conducive but also patient-friendly because they minimize the stress the patient is subjected to. During your residency, we will provide you with all the support you need to build your expertise in these diagnostic areas.

Often there are overall concepts regulating medical residency in a family practice. These are governed by cantonal authorities and medical associations. We are associated to these programs, which means that your working hours as a medical assistant are fully creditable to your specialist curriculum. We support residencies in our family practices to allow for the best possible and comprehensive insight into the activity of a family doctor.
We also provide close and rule-consistent support by the individual training physician. The teams in our practices put great emphasis on the exchange of information.

If you are interested, please contact the head physician of the respective location or the Centramed management. We will be more than happy to inform you on all the possibilities available regarding residency at Centramed practices. Of course, you can get to know the specific practice prior to your residency. Furthermore, we will support you in all administrative and organizational matters relating to your Centramed residency.

Medical Student Trainers at Centramed

Centramed Altdorf

Dr. med. Jürg Bollhalder

Centramed Lucerne

Dr. med. Annette Eppenberger

Centramed Zug

Dr. med. Regula Kaufmann
Dr. med. Ina Schmid