Apprenticeship Positions

Centramed offers “medical practice assistant” apprenticeships at many locations. Our apprentices benefit from Centramed's wide medical range as well as personal and comprehensive support and care.

Available apprenticeships are published between November and January. Apprenticeships can be found using the provided search function and table.

Are you interested in one of our positions but not sure if you meet our requirements and expectations? Don’t hesitate to contact the person(s) indicated in the respective offer. A personal conversation will quickly clarify matters for both sides.


At our health centres, we train medical practice assistants. Today’s apprentices will be tomorrow’s professionals. Our apprentices are carefully introduced to the profession, and during their 3-year training, they receive all the support they need from their helpful trainers. The mix of practical and theoretical training makes this apprenticeship very exciting and prepares our apprentices perfectly for their future work life. Wherever possible, we are very interested in employing our apprentices upon successful completion of their training.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us. Our trainers will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Check out our list of apprenticeship positions here.

Trainers at our various locations:

Centramed Aarau Gesundwerk
  1. Trapletti Tamara
Centramed Altdorf
  1. Imhof Sibylle
  2. Kempf Stephanie
Centramed Basel Aeschen
  1. Grossmann Denise
  2. Kohler Sandra
  3. Renna Kathrin
Centramed Liestal
  1. Fabienne Kaufmann
Centramed Lucerne
  1. Burri Sandra
  2. Caviezel Patricia
  3. Nushi Renata
  4. Rohrer Renate
  5. Scherer Daniela
  6. Shala Seline
  7. Wigger Laura