Centramed is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical care for all patient concerns. Your Centramed family doctor attends to all of your and your family’s healthcare matters, regardless at which stage in life. We are comprehensive, competent and, thanks to ongoing internal and external further education, always up to date with the latest medical developments and knowledge.

We care for your family. Centramed therefore offers gynaecological and paediatric consultations. This ensures that Centramed practices always have the appropriate care available for all aspects of your health.

For specialist clarification and treatment, your Centramed physicians collaborate with experienced specialists in the individual regions. Some specialist consultations are available right at your Centramed practice. This ensures fast, efficient and effective treatment and therapies.

Centramed’s Values and Philosophy

We are your partner - humane, transparent and reliable

Good and affordable healthcare is a team effort.

  1. We treat our patients with respect and on a human-to-human basis. Our dialog with you and our medical partners determines the right approach for each individual situation.
  2. We think and act in terms of networking, and we agree on clear objectives.
  3. Our work is transparent, reliable, team-oriented and based on close collaboration with our partners. Our patients’ health is what we are all here for.
Dynamic: attractive, flexible and innovative

The challenges in healthcare require innovative forms of cooperation.

  1. With our partner networks we create innovative solutions for the care of our patients.
  2. Our health centres are well-equipped and provide comprehensive primary healthcare.
  3. Our organization is flexible and allows for modern working conditions. We and our organization keep developing continuously.
Creating value: sustainable, competent, resource-oriented

Sustainable medicine is the ideal combination of quality and efficiency.

  1. What we expect from us and our partners is top expertise, quality and interpersonal competence. Our dedicated and motivated staff forms the basis of our success.
  2. Our work is holistic and evidence-based and aims at strengthening our patients’ self-responsibility to ensure that their health benefit is sustainable.
  3. A solid economic basis secures the continuous further development of our services.